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Reading B: Babbitt. More Jataka Tales

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Story:Biographical writing: Homecoming

Story: Biographical writing Meme
     Lights shining bright and I can feel the warmth on my skin. My heart is beating so fast I just know it is about to escape my chest. I try not to trip with each step as my heals are sinking into the turf. I can't help but think to myself that I have never had this many people looking at me. Finally, they announce my name when I reach the middle of the field. I could not believe how loud they cheered. It is impossible that they could truly be cheering for me. 
     Let me back up a bit... It is my freshman year of high school. I am sitting in first hour when there is an announcement that we will be voting for homecoming today. I had fun guessing with my friends about whose names would be on the ballot. I figured it would be Sydney, Cameron, or Caitlyn. You know... Someone like super popular. Then in the middle of my pre-ap biology class, the time came to see who there was to vote for. People are passing them down the row and finally, my piece of…

Reading A: Babbitt. More Jataka Tales

Reading A: Babbitt. More Jataka Tales Image
Title: More Jataka Tales
Author: Ellen C. Babbitt
Illustrator: Ellsworth Young Year: 1922
The Girl Monkey and the String of Pearls: This is a really fun concept for a story and would be great to turn into a rhyme
The Three Fishes: This is very short but would make a cute rhyme. I like how it portrays what happens if you don't think through your actions and are lazy.
The Tricky Wolf and the Rats: This is a different version of the cat story I added to my website. I like this version but I prefer the other because cat and rats are a common pairing.
The Woodpecker, Turtle, and Deer: This was cute. I hate that hunter lol. I could easily turn this into a rhyme for my storybook.
The Golden Goose: This was ok story. I rather write about a different one. I also think that there should be karma for the mom.
The Stupid Monkeys: I read this story already. It is strange but could be turned into a good story.
The Cunning Wolf: I think this is an ok story for me …


Biography: Anyone Can Cook
I made Ratatouille!!! 
 As a child, I went to the movies all of the time. I got especially excited about Disney and Pixar movies. To be honest, my love for them has only grown every year. Anyway, my mom decided that she would take my friend Kaitlyn and I to go see the new Pixar movie Ratatouille. We were all excited, but I had no idea what kind of treat I was in for. I just fell completely head over heels in love with this film. I loved the set design. I felt the warmth of the kitchen. I could smell Gusteau's! Once the film was over I felt the urge to express myself through food like Remi. As soon as we got back to my house I go to work on making soup. Lucky for me Kaitlyn LOVES to clean. So, I was the chef and made a mess and she was behind me cleaning up like Linguini. I put all sorts of stuff in there. I did not use a recipe like Remi. I wanted to make it original-like Remi. When it was ready, we put some in a bowl and placed it in front of my mom. W…

Week 11 Story: YOU'ER A LAIR!

Week 11 Story: YOU'ER A LAIR! Meme

Once upon a time...
Brian asked his friend to care for his plough. He needed to leave for a journey he could not forego.
His friend accepted with delight. His next actions will begin a fight
The friend sold his plough with no guilt. He was completely breaking the trust built.
The plough he sold for a great sum He would do his best not to be dumb.
To cover his but he devised a lie. Any foul play he would quickly deny.
He was so happy with his new fortune. Not considering Brain’s misfortune.
When Brian returned he had a question. He asked it with no hint of aggression.
“What happened to my plough?” “This is such a terrible woe!”
His friend lied through his teeth. Under his frown, there was a smile underneath.
He stated how big rat ate it up one night. Brian knew that something was not right.
This lie did not fool him at all. He thought to himself that it took a lot of gall.
He was sad that he would do such to a friend. Brian knew just what to do to…

Reading Part B

The Wise and Foolish Merchant This story had a good moral but it was not told int the best way. Maybe it being written in rhyme would help. The demons not having a shadow was a cool touch to the story.
The Elephant Girly-face This is not a very good story. There is modeling behavior but he simply heard people talk about hurting people. I don't want to write a rhyme over this story.
The Banyan Deer This story is dumb.. If you can talk with these creatures why did he feel comfortable killing them in the first place?? This is just too bizarre to me.
The Princes and the Water-Sprite This story was ok. I think it could be enhanced if it was turned to a rhyme. I would want to change the reasoning why they went into the forest though. They are always demonizing women.
The King's White Elephant I would write a rhyme about this story but I would not have the king buy him. Then the elephant was taken from his friends and family.
The Ox Who Never Envied the Pig This was a great story. Not…

Reading Part A

Reading Part A
The Monkey and the Crocodile I wrote a story in rhyme about this story and it was very difficult because all the things in the story don't have many rhymes and it limited my storytelling a bit.
How the Turtle Saved His Own Life
I think that this could be easily adapted into a new rhyme for me to write. I would want to change them thinking he was a demon to something else but I don't know what yet. I think that there could be some great wordplay in my story.

The Merchant of Seri
I did not like this story very much I thought the goo merchant was going to bring that family more money since she had more mouths to feed. I rather write about a different story.

The Turtle Who Could n't Stop Talking
This story is very sad. I prefer writing dark or happy stories for the rhymes. I hate that he splats

The Ox Who Won the Forfeit
This was a pretty good story although I don't know what lead the farmer to treat his ox that way. If I wrote the story I would need to add h…